The Latest Trend: Bedazzled Hairlines

May 15, 2020

New trend alert! Bedazzled hairlines are on the rise so prepare to see an explosion of glittery and fun gems decorating baby hairs everywhere. It’s so easy to achieve that anyone can do it, but the finished look adds a feeling of glamor to hair while also paying tribute to the 90s fad of bedazzling. We’ll give the complete rundown on this emerging accessory style so you can start setting the trend before it becomes all the craze.

While all the festivals are off for the summer, this trend reminds us of the days of music and fun and lets us bring a little of that magic into our hair. Unlike past versions that scattered rhinestones randomly about your tresses, this trend narrows down to just the hairline for a more mesmerizing effect. You can try out a variety of different colors of bedazzling dots and experiment with patterns.

Placing little jewels around your hairline also gives you a way to deal with usually troublesome baby hairs. We know how hard it can be to style those small, fine hairs. With this trend, they are worked into the aesthetic. Instead of trying to hide your baby hairs, take a little product, and style them into swoops and swirls. Then top it off with sparkling crystals.

Since the bedazzling is centered on your hairline, you can style the rest of your locks any way you want and still be able to pull this look off. Braids, buns, ponytails, and more styles get a boost from even a few crystals expertly placed along the hairline.

Of course bedazzling won’t work all the time, like if you have an important meeting, but you can celebrate the shiny trend in other ways. If you want a slightly more formal variation, pick up a bedazzled clip to rock in your mane. It’ll help hold down some of those baby hairs and still deliver a glittery touch while helping to tie together more formal looks.

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