Silver Hair Trends that will Work for You

November 14, 2019

The year’s end might be rapidly approaching, but one of 2019s hottest hair colors is still going strong … silver. There’s a good chance you’ve seen silver hair pop up more than a few times on your social media, but you’re stuck wondering if this trend can work for you, check out some of these stunning silver hair looks. 

Whatever your age, the range of this shimmery hue can complement your style, whether you’re looking for a bolder cooler or just a natural hint of silver.

Take some inspiration from the season, and get an icy color for your hair. As winter leaves its mark on the world outside, show off your own kind of ice with a cool silver tone. Heat up even the coldest weather with one of the hottest versions of silver hair. 

For many out there the pale, platinum white out of silver here is a little much, but one easy way to add some gorgeous silver to your hairstyle is with an ash tone. Ash colors embody the beauty of silver without having to go crazy. Whether you have darker or lighter natural hair, ash will definitely let you scratch that silver hair trend itch.

Unless you’re a fan of fungi, the name of this shade might put you off, but the color is so much more beautiful than the name suggests. The mushroom hue uses blonde and brunette hints to balance light and darkness to a beautiful silver/gray that blends well, even with your natural hair. Mushroom hair looks great all over or as highlights.

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