Refresh Your Hair With an Exciting New Color

May 31, 2020

The soon to be hottest hair colors are in and hear it from us first. Whether you’re into showing some roots or pastel locks, let us be there to guide you to the right color to go with for your hair. There’s never better than walking out of the salon looking amazing with one of the most in-demand colors, and we have the latest which shades are currently on-trend.

Shadow Roots

With it being hard to get into the salon lately, we’ve definitely seen an increase in roots, though you won’t find too many complaining now that shadow roots are in. Instead of feeling embarrassed by your exposed regrowths, learn to love them. If your roots are already grown out a little, then the rest is easy. Where you’d usually dye them to match the rest of your hair, the shadow roots trend does the opposite and colors them darker. The result adds the depth and dimension to your tresses that have made shadow roots one of the hottest coloring trends.

Light Pink

It’s no surprise to see pastels in there with every round of new trends, but this variation focuses on a lighter shade — a barely-there pink. Anyone who wants to get in on this trend can, even if they’ve been afraid to try a pastel color in the past. As well as being a much subtler color than most, light pink looks fantastic as an underneath layer too.

Jet Black

Color doesn’t have to be bright for it to still be bold. Just ask anyone rocking currently rocking dyed dark black hair. Deceptive at first look, there’s more to this color with its blue undertones and glossy shine than the standard black color. It also has the bonus of being low-maintenance so if you want a deep, beautiful color that doesn’t need a lot of attention, jet black is the shade for you.

Ranges of Red

While this isn’t one specific shade, you can’t talk about the latest hair color trends without mentioning the multitudes of red hues turning up everywhere. Recently, people aren’t afraid to really explore what all this color has to offer from strawberry blonde to golden copper. But before you jump in, talk to your stylist to find out which tints would suit your skin tone since some red hair colors easily wash out certain complexions.

If one of these colors piqued your interest or you already have your heart set on a hue, Rumors Salon & Spa create rich gorgeous tones. Our coloring services from all over to full dimensional color and more. When we’re open again, give us a call at (410) 3360-0707 at 26 Magothy Beach Road Pasadena, MD 21122. Or you can book your appointment on our free app on iTunes or Google Play to make your appointment at your convenience when we reopen.

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