Professional Winter Nail Care for Healthy Hands and Feet

January 15, 2021

Because of dry indoor heating and less humid outdoor air, our skin is more vulnerable in the winter. We need the heat, of course, but it sucks the moisture out of the air and eventually our skin too. Add in the increased frequency of handwashing and use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer to prevent illness, and you have a situation that calls for a little TLC for your most used and abused body parts. If we aren’t careful we can end up with dry and painfully cracked hands and feet. Our hands work hard for us, and our feet take us where we need to go, so we owe it to ourselves to keep them healthy. With professional nail care, you can make sure your hands and feet stay soft and healthy all winter long.

Heal and Protect Your Skin
When you hear the words manicure and pedicure your mind probably goes straight to your nails, but these treatments are about more than just pretty nails. A mani-pedi also focuses on your skin. Your nail technician will exfoliate your hands and feet to remove dead skin buildup. This will allow moisturizers to be absorbed more easily. Then they will moisturize your skin to help heal where needed and protect it from winter’s brutal conditions.

Healthy Nails
Your fingernails have a very important job- protecting your fingertips, and your toenails do the same for your toes. Without them, your digits would be very susceptible to injury. It’s important that we take good care of them so that they can take good care of us. Dry nails quickly become brittle and start to peel and crack and rough edges snag and cause breaks. Mani pedis keep your nails hydrated and shaped to ensure they stay strong and beautiful.

Cuticle Care
Hangnails and painful cracked cuticles are something no one wants to deal with. Proper cuticle care can prevent this, but this is one task that is best left to a professional. Your cuticles’ job is to protect your nails from infection. If you trim them too short you can leave your nails susceptible to fungus and bacteria. Once your nail technician has your cuticles properly trimmed and healthy, you can care for them at home by applying a salon-quality cuticle cream daily. Just remember to keep your nail care appointments to make sure they stay in tip-top shape.

Help your hands and feet stay healthy all winter long by making an appointment today at Rumors Spa. Our professional nail technicians are dedicated to giving your nails and skin the best care possible. Give us a call at (410) 336-0070 to schedule your appointment. You’ll find us at 26 Magothy Beach Road Pasadena, MD 21122. Download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play to manage appointments from your mobile device.

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