Keratin Treatments for the Holidays

November 29, 2018

Winter brings dry air, cold winds, and frizz to our hair. Don’t get us wrong, we love winter! It also brings holiday cheer, parties, and time with friends and family. If you want lush, soft, shimmering hair in time for all your holiday plans, keratin treatments may be the perfect texturing solution.

Keratin is something that is natural to your body. It’s a natural protein that makes up our nails, outer layer of skin, and our hair. When our hair gets damaged, especially from heat, the natural keratin in our hair gets damaged leaving it weak and prone to further harm.

At Rumors Salon, our keratin treatments infuse strength-building keratin into your hair, leaving it silky and supple. The keratin saturates the spaces left behind from damage and restores your hair to its healthiest state. The results are stunning, smoother hair that is easier to style with a healthy sheen. Goodbye frizz, hello picture-perfect hair.

The holidays tend to run us ragged too so you’ll save time every morning by not only being able to ditch the straight iron but also because your hair will require less time to dry. Less time with heated styling tools means healthier hair.

Our keratin treatments are customized to the needs of each of our clients. The first step is coming in for a consultation with your stylist to discuss your desired results. This process can be done when you come in for another hair service or give us a call for a consultation alone. A keratin treatment can last a couple hours, depending on your length and volume, so make sure to allot the time your stylist tells you.

Taking care of your hair after a keratin treatment is easy. For best results, you will have to wait a couple days to wash your hair. However, when you do wash, use a sulfate-free shampoo for your hair type. Before you leave, your stylist will recommend the best one for you. Using your stylist recommendations will help your beautiful new style last longer.

Overall, your results from the keratin treatment will last between two to three months with proper care.

To try keratin treatments for yourself, make an appointment today at Rumors Spa at: 26 Magothy Beach Road Pasadena, MD 21122 or give us a call at (410) 360-0707. Better yet, you can get our free mobile app on iTunes or Google Play to make your appointments at your convenience.

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