How to Tell if You Have Dry Hair and What to Do

November 30, 2019

Moisture stops tangles, frizz, and dull hair, and without the right amount of conditioning, your hair can lack the moisture it needs to stay healthy and strong. Conditioning is absolutely essential for your hair to stay hydrated, and for many people, regular hair conditioner doesn’t cut. Luckily there are plenty of treatments and options to help you combat dry hair both with a stylist or on your own. Here are some of the signs that your locks are too dry and what to do!

Fragile Hair
Hair in desperate need of more conditioning is weak and prone to breakage. If you’ve noticed one too many strands left behind on your pillows, clothes, or hairbrush, there’s a good chance dry hair is the culprit.

Lost Its Shine
Moisture is responsible for the glossy and bouncy hair we all want so when we aren’t getting enough moisture, it shows. On top of the loss of shine, your mane won’t be as flexible, making hair flat.

Protein Deficiency
When you are getting the vitamins and nutrients your body needs, your hair is one of the first places to take a hit. Brittle strands that break easily often signify you should add more protein to your diet.

Hair Type Plays a Part
Each person has their own unique hair from density to texture, and different kinds of hair need different levels to moisturize, not a one size fits all. Thinner hair only needs a little bit to get rich volume while on the opposite end, thick hair has to be properly conditioned if you want to keep it healthy.

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