How to Keep Your New Color Vibrant

October 31, 2020

So you’ve just been to the salon for a brand new fall hair color. Now you may be wondering if there is anything you can do to help keep your color rich and vibrant longer. The answer is yes! There are some simple things that you can do at home to prevent fading and help ensure your color stays with you longer.

Use Specially Formulated Products
Color-treated hair has special needs, and for this, you need specially formulated products. Products designed for color-treated hair are made to be gentle and contain nourishing ingredients to keep your hair healthy and strong. Regular products are much too harsh and will cause your color to fade before its time.

Turn Off the Heat
The heat from any source will zap your strands of not only moisture but color too. To reduce heat fading, wash your hair in cool water and set heat styling tools to low. Use a thermal protectant for color-treated hair every time you heat style. Whenever possible choose no heat hairstyles so you don’t have to worry about heat-related fading. 

Soak Up Less Sun
While exposure to sunlight is vital for keeping your vitamin D at a healthy level, sunlight is not so healthy for your color. The sun’s rays will quickly bleach your strands of color if you don’t protect it from UV damage. Wearing a wide-brimmed hat is the best way to shade your tresses when spending time outdoors. You can also offer protection with a sunscreen spray formulated for your hair.

Shampoo Less
Every time you shampoo you strip natural oils from your hair, oils that help moisturize and protect your hair. Not only that, but it also strips a bit of color each time. Unless you have very oily hair you probably only need to shampoo once or twice a week. Make use of dry shampoo between washings to maintain hygiene while giving your hair a break. 

Condition, Condition, Condition
Chemically processed hair needs regular conditioning to keep it healthy. To keep your locks’ luster and shine condition every time you shampoo your hair. If your hair is quite dry you may want to also apply a leave-in conditioner. A weekly hydrating hair mask will also help to moisturize and lock in both shine and color. When your hair is smooth and well hydrated your color will appear much more vibrant.

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