How to Choose Your Most Flattering Lipstick Shade

September 15, 2020

When choosing a shade of lipstick probably the most important thing to consider is the undertones of your skin. If you choose a shade with contrasting undertones it can leave your complexion looking dull and washed out. Once you learn a few basic rules for choosing your perfect makeup colors you’ll be able to select the perfect hues and feel confident knowing that your lips will look flawless every time.

We know you won’t want to wear lipstick under your mask, but there will be times and occasions where you won’t need a mask and you’ll want to look your best. A great lipstick color really brings the whole look together.

Cool Tones

Skin that is cool has a bluish, red, or pink undertone. Look at the veins in your wrists. If they appear blue and you look best in silver jewelry your skin tone is cool. Cool skin is often fair and prone to sunburn. The best colors for you will have a blue or purple undertone. Reds can be a bit tricky, and you should avoid orangey shades. Berry shades are very flattering for cool skin.

Warm Tones

Skin that is warm has an olive, golden, or yellow undertone. Looking at the veins in your wrists they will appear green. Gold compliments warm skin better than silver. Warm skin tones usually tan easily and rarely burn. Brown and orangish shades are most flattering for your skin tone. Deep coral and fiery red will mesh nicely with your complexion.

Neutral Tones

If your skin tone is neutral there are no limits for you when it comes to color. You will look fabulous in any lipstick color you choose, and silver and gold jewelry both look great on you. You have the whole rainbow to choose from so enjoy the freedom and have fun.

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