Help Your Teen with Good Skin Care Habits

February 15, 2021

This past year has probably hit your teen harder than you may think. If they’ve been stuck at home doing school virtually, it means that they’ve missed out on social interaction, typical middle school and high school activities like dances, rallies, and sporting events, and the participation of hands-on learning that happens only on campus. Now’s a great time to give them a little mother-daughter pampering at Rumors Salon & Spa with a teen facial.  

If you have a preteen or teenager, it’s time to make sure they have a good skincare routine to protect their skin from acne, sun damage, and other environmental factors. By prepping their skin with a professional teen facial, it is laying the foundation to teach them how to care for their skin, prevent breakouts, and enjoy clearer, healthier-looking skin.

What your daughter will remember about your mother-daughter facial is the time you took out of your day to spend with her and the laughs you both will have. The benefits her skin will get out of the professional facial are:

Fewer Breakouts. Our gentle facial will exfoliate your teen’s dry skin, cleansing the pores, and removing buildup that leads to breakouts. The skincare that your teen applies after her facial will be more easily absorbed into the skin thanks to this gentle exfoliation.

Stress Reliever. You know your teen has been through some major stress with all that the pandemic has changed in their daily routines. Facials are the perfect way to help your teen de-stress and the perfect opportunity for you to teach them that it’s important to practice self-care and to advocate stress management for themselves.

Nurtures Healthy Habits. Learning how to take care of your skin properly is something that every teen should learn. Although most teens may get advice from online videos or teen magazines, this is the ideal time for you to get them educated by an expert esthetician who can give them the skills and knowledge they need for good skincare habits.

Greater Self Esteem. Now that they are starting to get back to school, at least part-time, and back to seeing their friends again, breakouts aren’t something they need to be dealing with. A facial gives immediate results for a cleaner, smoother face that will boost their confidence level as they get back to a more normal schedule. Giving them the tools to help them maintain a clearer complexion will help them to feel better about themselves.

The well-trained estheticians at Rumors Spa are ready to help your teen combat problem skin for a clearer, healthier complexion, and enjoy all of the benefits that go along with that. Give us a call at (410) 3360-070 today to schedule your teen’s facial. You’ll find us at 26 Magothy Beach Road Pasadena, MD 21122. You can also download our free mobile app on iTunes or Google Play to make your appointment from your mobile device.

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