Gorgeous No Heat Curls and Waves

November 15, 2020

Nothing makes a new hair color pop quite like springy curls and flowing waves, but getting gorgeous curls and waves in naturally straight hair is not always an easy feat. With the dryer air of autumn and winter, heat styling can further dry and damage your hair. So what’s a girl to do? Give one of these awesome no heat curling techniques a try the next time you want to change things up and add a little curl or wave to your tresses.


Braid It At Night

This is probably one of the oldest tricks in the book. It’s been used for countless years and with good reason. It’s quick, easy, and virtually anyone can do it. Simply section damp hair and braid it from roots to tips before going to bed at night. When you wake up, take the braids out and gently finger comb to separate your beautiful beachy waves. 


**Pro Tip- Braid smaller sections for tighter waves. Use larger sections for looser waves.


New Use for Tights

If you’re not a fan of the crimped look braiding can give but want the ease of styling this technique gives, pull out an old pair of tights. Before bed, part your damp hair down the middle and position the waist section of the tights on top or your head. Down each side of your head French braid your hair using a leg of the tights as one section of the braid. Continue braiding to the ends and secure. In the morning you will have bouncy, natural-looking waves.

**Pro Tip- Apply a small amount of styling mousse or gel to your hair before braiding for longer-lasting results.


Perfect Pin Curls

This is another technique that has stood the test of time. As with the other two methods, you will start with damp hair. Section hair into 1-inch sections and twist each section around your fingers to form a rosette and use bobby pins to hold it in place. Continue until all of your hair is secured. Before going to bed tie a sheer scarf around your head to help keep the pins in place. When you remove the bobby pins in the morning gently finger-comb your hair to separate and style your beautiful bouncy ringlets.


**Pro Tip- Twist each section of hair before wrapping around your fingers to achieve a slightly different type of curl. Adjust the size of hair sections to control the tightness of the curl. 


Ready for a new look for fall? Come see the expert colorist at Rumors Spa for a brand new color, and then make that color come to life with some easy no-heat curls. Give us a call at (410) 3360-070 to schedule your next hair color appointment. You’ll find us at 26 Magothy Beach Road Pasadena, MD 21122. Download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play to manage appointments from your mobile device.

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