Fulfill All Your Waxing Needs at Rumors Salon & Spa

June 15, 2020

I think it’s safe to say most of us need a good wax about now. Whether it’s the legs, the bikini area, underarms, or facial hair, there is some unwanted body hair that just has to go. At Rumors Salon & Spa, we offer full body waxing from your toes up to your face and everywhere in between. Here are just a few reasons for the benefits of professional waxing.

Exfoliation for smooth skin. Waxing sheds off your outermost layer of skin, leaving smooth supply skin for a longer period of time. To prepare for this gentle exfoliation, it’s best to exfoliate a few days before your appointment to prepare the skin. It is NOT recommended that you exfoliate the morning of your appointment as it can cause skin irritation. By exfoliating a couple of days after your appointment, it will help to keep ingrown hairs from occurring.

Reduce ingrown hairs. Speaking of ingrown hairs, here’s why professional waxing is better than DIY waxing at home. It’s important to use the correct waxing technique to avoid ingrown hairs. The pull has to be quick and consistent while the skin is being held taut. At Rumors, we have extensive tools and experience to help you avoid discomfort, ingrown hairs, and will make sure you leave with smooth, supple skin no matter which type of waxing you choose.

Waxing means less inflammation to your skin. When you shave repeatedly, the friction of the razor causes at least some skin inflammation. This chronic inflammation can also lead to some skin discoloration because your skin protects itself by becoming thicker and the pigment-making cells, called melanocytes, become more active. Waxing can reduce and alleviate the inflammation because the skin is less exposed to that type of repeated friction helping your skin become healthier.

Slow regrowth. Professional waxing means that the hair is pulled directly from the root causing more time for the hair to grow back. Your skin will remain smooth from the time of your wax until the moment the hair shaft reaches the surface of your skin. Typically, this whole process takes about three to four weeks, the perfect amount of time between waxing appointments! However, when you shave yourself at home, the razor (no matter the quality) only cuts the hair shaft at the surface which causes hair to regrow in much quicker and you can see stubble after only a couple days.

Ready to make smooth, hair-free skin a part of your self-care routine? Rumors Salon & Spa can help you with all your summer waxing needs. When we’re open again, give us a call at (410) 3360-0707 at 26 Magothy Beach Road Pasadena, MD 21122. Or you can book your appointment on our free app on iTunes or Google Play to make your appointment at your convenience when we reopen.

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