Exciting Spring Haircuts

April 15, 2020

Planning on doing some spring cleaning now that the warmer season is here? Why not add a new hair cut to your list of things to do. We’ve got some of the most exciting looks that will be coming up faster than the flowers this season. Have your locks ready for spring with some amazing bangs or a fetching pixie that’ll revitalize your style.

Modern One Length
We’ve been watching this style pick up and it’s definitely going to be a favorite of many this spring. While a single length is used more in lobs and bobs, the uniformed feel can work for almost any amount of inches, longer styles too. That way you get blunt tresses without having to chop off a bunch of hair at the same time.

Brow Skimming Bangs
Fierce fringes are in for the spring season, especially styles that rest around your brow. Keep the edges slightly longer and you’ll get some sultry curtain bangs that’ll frame your face. Or go for blunt with some straight across bangs that beautifully kiss your brows. If you aren’t sure which style will work best with your face shape, steal a trick from the pros and use clips to get the same look without any snipping.

New Wave Pixie
A favorite of french cinema and chic girls everywhere, this take on the pixie still feels super modern and cool today. This bold cut is sleeker than most short looks, but fortune favors the bold and this kind of haircut is worth the risk. As low maintenance as ever, it’s perfect if you don’t want to miss a second of the season, but aren’t ready to give up a glamorous style.

Angled Cut
Angled cuts where hair is “angled” forward and gradually gets shorter toward the back, is nothing new, but this season it’s getting a revamp. Instead of the dramatic bobs that usually embrace the angled cut, medium long hair can also get in on the action with a more subtle shift in length. Let your hair hang around your collarbone before getting shorter for a final result that’s slimming and alluring cut

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