Boost the Benefits of Massage with Himalayan Salt Stones

November 30, 2020

Everyone loves a great massage, and the benefits of massage are health-affirming. Did you know that you can boost those benefits by adding Himalayan salt stones to your professional Rumors massage? These ancient stones increase the benefits of any type of massage.

It’s called Himalayan salt because of its origin at the foot of the Himalayan mountain range. You’ve probably seen Himalayan salt used for culinary purposes. Its pink hue is one factor that makes it unique, but there are other healing benefits of this ancient salt as well. For centuries, Himalayan salt has been a part of Eastern healing tradition, but recently, it’s become recognized as a valuable ingredient for Western practices as well.

Nutrients. Himalayan salt has 84 different minerals and elements, and when used in a heated massage technique, these minerals are absorbed into your skin. These minerals can help improve blood and lymphatic circulation, lower blood pressure, optimize bone health, prevent muscle cramps, and support health with better blood sugar levels and a healthy respiratory system.

Energy balance. The stones are heated for massage. When heated, Himalayan salt stones emit negative ions and can help balance out your body’s electromagnetic field for a better energy flow, especially for those constantly using electronic devices like smartphones and computers.

Exfoliation. As your Rumors massage therapist uses Himalayan salt stones for your massage, you’ll get a gentle skin exfoliation, which helps remove layers of dead skin cells and trapped pollutants that make your skin look dull and that can prevent moisturizers and other serums from penetrating well. Exfoliation also stimulates new skin cell and collagen production for healthy, young-looking skin.

Relaxation. Finally, warm Himalayan salt stones help increase the calming, relaxing feeling you get from a professional massage. More relaxation can help calm anxiety and stress from your day-to-day life that can even help you sleep better. Less stress and more sleep both contribute to increased overall health.

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