Awesome Autumn Hair Colors You’ll Be So Excited to Try

October 14, 2020

Autumn is all about changing color and not just the leaves we’re talking about here. Fall is also a time to change your wardrobe, makeup, and hair color. As the days get cooler our color palette becomes more earthy, warm, and uplifting. Let’s explore some color options for autumn that will have you excited to update your color for the season.

Hot Cocoa Balayage

To warm up dark brunette hair, consider a cocoa balayage. You’ll get the longest wearing results by going just a shade or two lighter than your natural color. As it grows the darker roots will simply blend in with the color gradient.

Deep Golden Honey

As your summer tan begins to fade it’s time to trade in those ashy beach blonde shades that can leave a pale complexion looking washed out. Deep golden honey will warm your complexion. A few butter blonde highlights and light caramel lowlights will add tons of dimension and interest to your color.

Copper Gold

Red hair is a show stopper year-round, but autumn is truly your time to shine. Copper gold is a natural-looking red shade that meshes well with the changing leaves and will complement any fall wardrobe. Brick red is another popular shade for the season if you’re looking for something warm but a bit darker.

These are just a few of the fun hair color options for fall, and the talented colorists at Rumors Spa are up to date on the latest trends to be ready to help you choose that perfect autumn shade. Let’s add some excitement to your style! Give us a call at (410) 3360-070 to schedule your next appointment. You’ll find us at 26 Magothy Beach Road Pasadena, MD 21122. You can also download our free mobile app on iTunes or Google Play to make your appointment from your mobile device.

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