Amazing Benefits Of Prenatal Massage For Both You And Baby

August 14, 2020

Pregnancy is not only one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life, but also one of the most stressful. Even the happiest occasions result in stress, and while not all stressors are negative the effects of stress can still be harmful to the body. And when you’re pregnant, what affects the mother’s body also affects the baby. Treating yourself to a prenatal massage can have some amazing benefits aside from relaxation to help promote a healthy pregnancy.

Pain Relief Without Drugs
Avoiding medications whenever possible is always advisable during pregnancy. However, as the baby and your belly grow you may find that the shifting weight puts strain on the muscles and supporting ligaments resulting in pain. This pain usually occurs in the area of your neck, back, and hips. Prenatal massage can help provide safe drug-free relief for this tension and pain.

Reduced Swelling and Fewer Leg Cramps
Your circulatory system has double the work to do during pregnancy to provide nutrients to both mama and baby. This added workload can result in decreased circulation in the legs leading to swelling and leg cramps. A massage will stimulate the circulation to help the body clear out the excess fluid, decrease swelling, and relieve and prevent leg cramps.

Less Labor Pain and Better Labor Outcomes
Recent studies have shown that prenatal massage can significantly decrease the use of pain medications during labor and delivery, which means less risk of side effects. Labor progresses more easily when the mother is relaxed and fewer interventions are required resulting in fewer complications for both mother and baby, both in the delivery room and beyond.

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